Computer Maintenance


Check components · The PC comes with a power cable, a wireless mouse and keyboard and a white Novatech box which contains a disc with the video card and motherboard driver. It is important to check the underside of the mouse for the wireless dongle that is used to connect them to the computer. Please make sure that the box the PC/Laptop came in is kept secure as it may be required for returns.


Battery life (laptop only)
• Typically, the laptop will last up to 4 hours away from mains power while running the foresight software but we recommend it is kept on charge during use for optimum performance.


Charging (laptop only)
• When required use the charging cable supplied. NEVER use any other charging cable as this could damage the Laptop. Charge for 4 to 6 hours and then run the unit on battery. The battery will give up to 8 hours use in normal operation or 4 hours under load.


Identify the connection ports and connectors
• USB Ports, displays (HDMI, DVI, and VGA) Make sure you know which cable goes into which port and clearly label each one for future reference.


Dust and heat awareness
• As the computer is running demanding software it will become hot, especially in dusty environments. After the system has be on for a few hours and isn’t in use, turn the system off and open the cabinet. Alternatively, if it is still in use open the cabinet every now and again to allow airflow. If the cabinet has speaker grills this is not a necessity, but still recommended and the grills MUST NOT be blocked or covered at any point.


Cleaning the unit (PC only)
• The PC’s we supply have at least 2 internal fans and although they have built in dust filters, dust will still build up which will increase the temperature and have a long-term effect on the lifespan of the system. You should remove these filters and clean them monthly. You should also disconnect the computer from all cables and remove the side of the case to expose the internal components so that it can be hoovered out. This should be done once every 3 months although this depends how dusty your environment is.


Turn on the PC / Laptop
• Turn on by pressing the power button once. The system runs through its boot procedure and is ready for use after about 60 seconds. If the boot is taking a much longer period please consult Technical Support.


Turn off the PC / Laptop
• Navigate to the windows start menu and run the shutdown procedure.


This will damage the PC (turning off at wall does not affect laptop) and should only be done when instructed to do so by a member of the support team.


Operating system PC / Laptop
• Make sure you are fully aware of what operating system has been provided. Typically, we use Windows 10 x64.


General use PC / Laptop
• We strongly advise you not to install or operate 3rd party software that hasn’t first been cleared by a member of the support team. For example, CCleaner, TeamViewer and Firefox are all 3rd party applications that we allow to be installed. McAfee and alternative software that has been known to cause issues are not support and will be removed upon inspection. Any damage done to the computer/laptop through malicious software is not covered under warranty.


• The PC/laptop is an electrical piece of equipment and as such is sensitive to water ,cold and damp environments where condensation could appear on internal components. Avoid these environments when possible.


Basic computer maintenance
• On the desktop of the PC/Laptop you will find a piece of software called CCleaner. This is a cleaning tool we recommend that makes routine maintenance of a system extremely user friendly, simply press “Run Cleaner”. All the settings have been adjusted by us and should not be altered.
• Likewise run a malware sweep (Microsoft Security Essentials) at least once a month to ensure the computer is not infected.


Basic troubleshooting
• If your GCQuad / GC2 is not connecting navigate to the devices and printers section of the control panel and check that NGLM Mass Storage device is listed. If it is not present try using an alternative USB port or re-install the relevant driver via dpinst.exe in the Foresight folder on your desktop. If the problem persists please call the support team.
• In the software if the mini map on the left is black or alternatively the screen is black but the mini map shows, you will need to ensure you have the latest driver for your graphics card. If you do not know how to do this please call a member of the support team.
• If the hitting line is not in the optimal place in the foresight software then you will need to alter the “Simulator Setup Tool”. There should be a shortcut on the desktop for you to amend as necessary. If the tool does not save the new settings close it down and re-open by right clicking on the ‘’Simulator Setup Tool’’ and clicking ‘Run As Administrator’.
• We use a program called Team Viewer to remotely log into customers PC’s and provide support solutions. We will need Team Viewer pre-installed on the computer (if it was not setup by FSSEU) and to be provided with the ID number and Password upon request. Please ensure your network administrator allows for this type of connection.



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