FSX 2020 - Requesting Offline Hours

This article includes the steps required to request Offline Hours for your license. Activating Offline hours enables you to use the software without an internet connection for 720 hours. Please see the steps below: 

To activate your offline hours

1. Log into your FSX LIVE account - https://performance.foresightsports.com/Account/Login 
2. Click in the top right under My Account, or click on your username
3. Select the license tab under the My Account header
4. Locate the Original FSX or FSX 2020 code you wish to go offline
5. You will see an option for “Request”, select this.
6. Now, you will need to launch the FSX Software while connected to the internet one last
time. This will activate the software’s offline request.
7. Exit the software and disconnect your internet connection from the computer to test




If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu

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