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This article provides links and information which can be used to update your computer, software or launch monitor firmware. We recommend keeping your system up to date as the latest updates often include fixes for known issues. 


Foresight Sports Updates: 


GCQuad Updates 

  • GCQuad Firmware
  • Includes a link to the User Manual


GC2 Updates

  • GC2 Firmware and Drivers
  • Includes a link to the User Manual


GCHawk Updates

  • GCHawk Firmware
  • GCHawk Calibration Tool
  • GCHawk Diagnostic Tool 
  • Includes a link to the User Manual


Updates Page

  • Original FSX Courses

  • Original FSX Software (up to version
  • Includes a link to the User Manual


FSX 2020 Updates

  • FSX 2020 Software

  • FSX 2020 Courses 

  • Includes a link to the User Manual



  • Download and Installation Guide (Includes the latest version with patch notes)
  • Includes a link to the User Manual and launch page



E6 Connect (Foresight Sports Integration) 

  • Download and Installation Guide (Includes the latest version)
  • Includes a link to the User Manual 



Desktop & Laptop Updates: 

Windows Updates: 

Installing Windows Updates ensures your operating system is always up to date, this means any new fixes or stable builds which have been released will be installed on your computer. 

  1. Press the Windows key on the left side of the keyboard or select the Type here to search box at the bottom left of the Windows desktop. 

  2. Type into the search bar: Windows Updates.

  3. Select the Check for Updates option and the Windows Updates page will appear.  
  4. Click on update, this will find and install new Windows Updates



Graphics Card Driver Update:

Downloading the latest graphical driver will help to ensure that the graphics card always has the latest set of instructions to work with the latest software updates. 

  1. - Click the Start Menu icon. 

  2. - In the search bar, search for dxdiag and select the result from the top of the list.  

  3. - Go over to the Display tab and find the name and manufacturer of your graphics card. 

  4. - Go to the manufacturer site and download and install the latest graphics driver for your graphics card. (Examples are AMD or Nvidia)


Tablet Updates: 

Updating the iOS to the latest version:

  • Click on to Settings from the Home screen and select General

  • Now select Software Update and then Download and Install (if shown) 


Updating FSX Mobile

  •  Open App Store 

  •  Select Updates (Bottom right-hand side of the screen) 

  •  If available, please select the update button next to FSX Mobile


If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu

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