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You should have received your Activation Codes for your new software via email from our Stock and Shipping Department. If you haven't already downloaded and installed your software with the links contained in that message, we would recommend you follow the steps in this guide from the manufacturer's website:

E6 Download And Installation Guide:  https://www.foresightsports.com/e6-download-and-installation-guide


Software Updates for the Foresight Launcher and E6 Connect itself will be published periodically to improve the functionality of the software over time. You can find the latest versions of the software published by the manufacturers here:



If you need some further guidance on how to download and install the software, we have a video guide that goes through the process step by step for your reference showing how to install the Foresight Launcher: 


The following video from TruGolf runs through the installation process for E6 Connect itself:



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If you require additional assistance, please email support@foresightsports.eu

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