GCHawk Setup Information Page

First of all, we would highly recommend checking out the GCHawk guide on the manufacturer's website here:

GCHawk Guide: https://www.foresightsports.com/gchawk-guide 


This guide contains a wealth of information to guide you through installation, setup and calibration of your device. I have placed a direct link to the Calibration Application that you would find in the guide below for your reference:

GCHawk Calibration Application v2.0.0.14: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/AJ8IJqhGNV


There are a few further details to note about your GCHawk which can help you get going right away:

  • Should you wish to connect your device to an iPad or computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi, you will need the GCHawk's security key. This is FSSPORTS.
    Simply connect to the GCHawk as you would a Wi-Fi network and if prompted to enter a PIN for the network, be sure to select "Use a Security Key Instead" and and enter FSSPORTS.
  • There are attachments at the bottom of this page which will give you useful information regarding the capabilities of your device. There are technical drawings showing a plan of the Hawk Club Data Hitting Zones and an elevation showing the simulator setup, both from the manufacturers in the USA.
  • Also attached at the bottom of this page are a ball and club data document as well as a data reference poster which will detail the different kinds of data that your launch monitor is capable of measuring. Please note you will only be able to receive club data on units which have the Club Head Data module purchased.
  • The application of the HMT Markers / Fiducials is essential to receive club head data from shots you have taken. Please see the following resources on applying fiducials to the golf club's face:
    https://www.foresightsports.com/fiducial-application-guide - This guide provides in-depth instructions on how to place the markers and which metrics will be captured depending on the number of markers used.

A video of the application process can be seen below


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