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First of all, we would highly recommend checking out the FSX Pro guide on the manufacturer's website here:



Its a great resource for videos demonstrating the use of the software, installation instructions and other useful information to help get you up and running with FSX Pro. We've included a direct link to the PC Installation Guide for FSX Pro so you can get started:



Here is a direct link to the iPad Installation Guide for FSX Pro:



FSX Pro is is free to use when you have a valid FSX 2020 software licence. When FSX Pro is installed, simply log in with your FSX Live account that holds your active FSX 2020 licence and the software will be unlocked for your use.

Users will receive 2 FSX Pro licenses for every FSX 2020 license they own. These can be split across the PC and iPad application or used twice on the same type of device (eg. 2 separate PCs).

If you have forgotten your login details and want to reset your password or want to check the details on your FSX Live Account please visit the link below:



When you have logged into FSX Pro on your computer initially with your FSX Live details (to prove there is a 2020 licence on your account) this will then grant you 45 days where you don't need to connect to the internet again to start the software. After 45 days are up, simply just login again to re-validate your licence.


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