E6 - Correct Start-up Process

There have been some reports of the E6 Connect software not being able to connect to a Foresight Launch Monitor. We have found this issue normally occurs when a user has selected the E6 Connect icon instead of the Foresight Connect Client Sim launcher. The steps for this process have been included below: 


1. From the Desktop, please find the icon shown below and double click to open the launcher. 



2. Once selected, the software will open so you can access the settings. The Connect Client Sim launcher is the one which will allow you to connect a Foresight Launch Monitor. Please ensure that the Foresight option is selected. An image of this has been included below for reference: 




If these have been selected and you still cannot connect to a launch monitor, please download and install the latest firmware from the Foresight Sports website: https://www.foresightsports.com/drivers-downloads



If you require additional assistance, please email support@foresightsports.eu

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