PC - Adjusting the Display Adapter

One of the issues that can stop the software from loading up is that your computer is choosing another graphics chip as the default. You have to make sure that the NVIDIA graphics card in the Device Manager is the default. Please follow the guide below to ensure that your computer is using the NVIDIA graphics card:


1. In your Windows search bar type in "Device Manager"

2. Choose "Display adapters" from the list (click on the ">" arrow in front of the name so you can see the drop-down list)

3. You should now see at least two available adapters (usually an Intel and an NVIDIA option)
PLEASE NOTE - If you are using a desktop computer with the display cables plugged into the motherboard section - or if you were to do this when you only had one display adapter listed on your simulator PC / Laptop, doing the next step may mean you lose your image on screen. So if you are unsure of what to do, send a screenshot of what you can see under the display adapters for advice - otherwise proceed to the next step.

4. Right-click on the option which IS NOT NVIDIA and choose "Disable".

5. To make sure your new setting are applied, please restart your computer, and check if FSX Software is loading up successfully.


If you require additional assistance, please email support@foresightsports.eu

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