PC - Connecting Displays / Monitors

Please check that your monitor/projector display cables are plugged into the correct ports on the back of your computer. They should be in the graphics card, not the motherboard, to allow your graphics card to appear as active in Windows:

We generally recommend having all display output cables be plugged into the desktop PC's graphics card as this is the element that will be processing the computer's graphics - so having the cables plugged in here gives you better control over your display outputs within Windows. We have included an image below of a typical PC, the motherboard slots for the display cables are usually nearer the top in this main array of ports all from the motherboard. There will be a separate section usually about 2/3 of the way down your computer, where the ports from the separate graphics card will be - I would recommend plugging your display outputs into these graphics card slots - location highlighted red and marked as Display Connections below:


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