Panasonic Projector - Adjusting the displayed Image

This article is designed to help users who have purchased a Panasonic Projector from us directly. Here are a few suggestions which will help with the displayed image: 


1. Adjusting the Nvidia Control Panel Settings

If your computer has been purchased from us directly, it will have an Nvidia graphics card or chip. The Nvidia Control Centre allows users to interact with the displays to change the ratio setting. Please try the following: 



2. Adjusting the Windows Resolution to Native/Recommended: 

Depending on the model of the projector, they will have a native / recommended resolution which should be selected. You can see the native resolution by doing the following: 

  • Open the Windows Settings - This can be done by selecting the Type here to search box and then typing Settings
  • Select System and then Display - From this screen, you will be able to see the Display Resolution box. Please select the box and then choose the option which has Recommended next to it. 


3. Ensuring the projector is connected to the graphics card

When setting up displays, we have some users experience a problem with one display being on and the other turning off. This will normally happen if one display is connected to the graphics card and the other is connected to the integrated ports. Please use the image below as a reference for connecting displays: 



If you require additional assistance, please email

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