Relaxing Lockdown Restrictions - Getting back into the Swing of things!

The quarantine restrictions are starting to relax and like the staff here at Foresight Sports Europe, we are sure you are eager to get back to golf! 


This means dusting off your launch monitor and turning on your computer after months away. During that time there have been updates to your system and to make sure you get back up and running as quickly as possible, we wanted to provide you with all the resources needed to implement the improvements. The resources below are links to our Help Centre with instructions for each scenario, however, if you get stuck feel free to contact our support team and they will get back to you as quickly as possible according to your support level. 


If you have a GCHawk … 

 There has been an updated firmware version which should be installed 

 GCHawk Firmware Update Guide 



If you have a GCQuad  

 There has been an updated firmware version which should be installed 

 GCQuad Firmware Update 

 The 45-day registration will have expired preventing you from connecting it to mobile devices, this will need to be refreshed. 

 GCQuad Registration Process 


If you have a GC2 or GC2+HMT  

There have not been any dedicated updates to the GC2a or HMT, however you may wish to make sure you have everything you need to ensure the system runs without issues. Flash modules and club markers are available for purchase with next day delivery, just contact to get yours.



If you have FSX 2018  

 You are entitled to a free upgrade to FSX 2020! Use the links below to download the updated software and separate updated courses 

 FSX 2020 Download 

 … and the links below for the installation instructions and user manual. 

FSX Installation Instructions 
FSX Course Installation Instructions 

Nvidia GPU Setup Instructions 

FSX 2020 User manual 


If you have FSX or FR1, unfortunately, the upgrade requires aupgrade fee, please contact to enquire further.  

If you need assistance installing FSX 2020 onto your computer, we do offer a remote service where one of our support technicians will get everything up and running for you. This is a service offered to Enhanced and Business Critical support customers as standard, or via a one off £50+VAT charge.  


If you have a simulation computer …  

Regardless of the software you are running, there will have been numerous Windows, driver and graphics card updates whilst you have been away. It is best to make sure your system is up to date and optimised ready for simulation so that you don’t experience an interruption when you least expect it. 

 Computer Update Advice 

If a component of your system is not working, or a repair has been delayed due to the lockdown …  

Our hardware support services are reopening and as such we will now be arranging for repairs to recommence. Please contact if you need to arrange for a component of your simulation system to be returned for diagnosis and repair. Please note that a backlog will need to be cleared and as such we will be prioritising customers according to their support level.  

We hope you get back into the swing of post-lockdown life quickly! As ever, if you need assistance with your Foresight equipment we are here to help, just email to log a request and one of our technicians will guide you through your issue.


If you require additional assistance, please email

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