GCHawk - Firmware Update

We always recommend the latest firmware is installed for the GCHawk. You may want to do this if you are seeing incorrect data, having problems connecting to the software or if the ball is not being locked onto. Updating the firmware is a great way to ensure the latest bug fixes are applied to the device. We have also included a short video that shows how to download the firmware update. 


1. Download the latest firmware from the Drivers & Downloads page here: https://www.foresightsports.com/support/hardware/gchawk 

2.  Open the downloaded file and it will open up to the box below: 




3. The GCHawk will appear in the list if connected to the computer. Please select the device you wish to update and then press the Update Selected button. 




If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu 

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