HMT - B5 Connection Error Code

This article is designed for customers who are seeing a B5 error message appear on the display of the GC2 when connecting the HMT. The error message will appear when the HMT cannot fully connect to the GC2. Our recommendations have been included below: 



1. Please check both connectors at the end of the HMT cable to see if there are any bent or missing pins. If one of the 8 pins on either side has been damaged, this would be the reason why you are seeing the error message. We recommend purchasing a new or using a spare cable. 


T118D - 8 Pin Mini-DIN (S-VHS) Male to Male Lead, 1m Blue 


2. If the cable is not damaged but the error message is still shown, the problem could be related to the HMT port on either the GC2 or HMT. Please assess the condition of the port and check for any pins that could be blocking a connection. In this case, we would recommend sending the unit back for diagnosis and repair.




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