FSX 2020 - Adjusting The Hitting Line

While using the software, you may wish to adjust where the hitting line is on the impact screen if the ball trace is starting slightly left or right from where the ball hits the screen.


Please ensure these measurements are accurate as it can also affect the player's point of view while using the software. 


How to adjust/change the alignment of the Hitting Line:

- Ensure FSX 2020 is closed down

- Enter the File Explorer ("Win"+"E") and navigate to the main drive (Normally C:)

- Navigate to Program Files (x86)

- Then Foresight Sports Experience Components.

- At the bottom of this folder, you will find an application called "Room Config Tool". Right-click on this application.

- From the list select "Run as Administrator" and press "Yes" to the pop-up window.

- Select the correct launch monitor from the drop-down option.

- Measure the dimensions required by the app and enter them into the relevant sections.

- When you are done select save changes and then exit the tool.

- Open FSX 2020 and go onto the range under Improve to see the changes made.


Top Tip - if the hitting line is still in the wrong position, close FSX and go back into the setup tool and change it incrementally until it is, a trial and error approach is required on some occasion.






If you require additional assistance, please email support@foresightsports.eu

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