GCHawk - Calibration Process

This article shows the GCHawk calibration process step by step. Please follow the steps below to calibrate the device to the new simulator or location. We also recommend going through the calibration if you believe there is a problem with the hitting zone / The devices ability to collect data. 

1) Download the GCHawkSetup v2.0.0.10.exe here

If your GCHawk is not connected to a PC with internet, download the file on a PC with an internet connection and transfer to the PC connected to the GCHawk; please make sure to read steps 6 and farther for final calibration instructions.

2) Double-click to install GCHawk Setup App.

3) Ensure the GCHawk is connected to your PC through Ethernet, and power on the GCHawk.

4) Launch the GCHawk Setup App and follow the instructions in the application. 

5) When mapping the hitting area or room area, hold the wand with your arm down towards the ground and the tip of the wand no more than 6 inches from the ground, move the Calibration Wand slowly around the hitting zone like a metal detector.

If your GCHawk is connected to a PC with internet access, the application will send data to the cloud, where a server will perform the calibration computation required and send back to the GCHawk. The GCHawk will reset itself during the process once it receives the calibration file. 

Once the GCHawk boots up, you should see a blue light appear on the GCHawk - your calibration is complete!

6) If your GCHawk is not connected to a PC with internet access, you must do this process manually. First open Windows File Explorer and type %appdata% in the address bar.

Then click on the AppData folder.

Then click go to *\LocalLow\ForesightSports\GCHawkSetup

In this folder, Locate the file named WandSamplesXXXXX.json (XXXX is the Serial Number of the device you are trying to calibrate)Email this file to your support representative at Foresight Sports for processing. In this email, please include the serial number of your device (located on a stick attached to the back of your GCHawk).

7) Your Foresight Sports support representative will return a file named CAL_E.SNXXXXX.bin. The XXXXX will be different depending on the serial number of your GCHawk.

8) Connect a USB-C cable from the back or your GCHawk to a PC that has the CAL_E.SNXXXXX.bin on it.

9) The GCHawk will act like a Thumb drive and should be visible in Windows File Explorer.
Select Foresight Sports GCH and open the GCHawk storage. See image below:

10) Drag and drop the CAL_E.SN00000.bin into the GCHawk Storage.

11) Turn off the GCHawk, wait at least 5 seconds and then turn it back on. Your GCHawk calibration process is complete!


If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu

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