GC2 - Power Fault Finding Guide

This article is designed to assist users who are experiencing problems with their GC2 turning off after a short period of time or if the unit is not powering on.


  • Please check if the GC2 will function correctly while plugged into power, the GC2 does not need a battery to work which will show if this issue is related to the battery or charger.

        To check the battery levels of the GC2, please see the information below.

        Press  << on the keyboard

        Select  About. and Press  OK

        This will bring up the system information page for the GC2.

  • The system information page displays the firmware version at the top, the serial number at the bottom left, and the battery charge at the bottom center. The GC2 is severely depleted of charge when the voltage is less than 7.0V, the battery is at full capacity when the indicator shows over 8.0V. When the GC2 is plugged in the battery indicator will typically read 8.5V. The indicator will not auto-refresh, you will have to leave the information page and re-enter it to update the display to the correct current value.


  • If possible, please use a spare GC2 charger to test and confirm if the charger is causing the problem. Some simulators have a power brick for the left-hand side of the sim, this can be used to test if the issue is related to the charger. If you do not have a spare charger, they can be purchased from Foresight Sports Europe. 


  • Please try disconnecting the cable connected from the power brick to the GC2, this will allow you to test another cable to see if the problem is directly caused by a broken cable or the power brick. 


  • Please try using the GC2 and charger on a different socket in case the problem is with the particular wall socket/surge protector you have been trying to use. 


  • We would finally recommend changing the fuse in the plug of the charger to check if this has blown and is stopping it from working with the GC2.


  • If the issue still occurs after buying or using a spare charger then the CPU board or power port may need to be replaced.  


Please note: We are not responsible for any power damage caused to a unit that is not connected to a surge protector. Surge protectors can be purchased from us directly and are recommended for all of our simulator components, including projectors, launch monitors, computers and monitors. 





If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu 

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