GC2 - Missing Shots / Not collecting ball data


This article is designed to assist if your GC2a launch monitor is missing shots. You will want to read this article if the GC2a is showing dashes lines instead of data after hitting a shot. 


  • Please check if the foot stand is fully underneath the launch monitor
  • Please check is the unit is fully open
  • Please check if the protective shield is covering the camera
  • Please check to see if the camera lens is clean and free of dust or dirt
  • Please try the GC2a standalone, this will show if the unit can record data without being connected to any software. If data is collected, the issue is related to the connection between the GC2a and the device the software is installed on
  • If possible, please make sure there isn't a mirror or highly reflective surface opposite the launch monitor
  • Please ensure that the GC2a is on the same level as the hitting surface (shown in fig 1 below)
  • Please ensure the firmware on the GC2a has been updated to the latest version (you can find the latest version with a guide and video here
  • Finally - please perform a hard reset (holding down the Power button) on the unit whilst inspecting the super flash module. Does it flash? Is there a clicking noise? 


Hard Reset Information: 

Flash - If the GC2a does flash during the hard reset it will show that the super flash module and flashboard are still functioning correctly, however, the Flash may need to be replaced. 

No flash, clicking noise - If the GC2a doesn't flash but does make a faint clicking noise while performing the hard reset, then the internal flashboard is working but the flash module needs to be replaced. Please contact support by submitting a request to purchase a new super flash module.

No flash or clicking - If you cannot see a flash from the launch monitor, or hear a clicking noise when performing a hard reset then please contact support by submitting a request.



(Fig 1)


If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu 


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    Paul Yeend

    HI my GC2 works fine whilst not connected to the computer.

    But when connected its really slow and misses a lot of my shots plus it freezes

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