GCQuad - Registration Expired

This article is designed to help you re-register your GCQuad once the REGISTRATION EXPIRED prompt has appeared on the device. When the registration has expired, you will be unable to connect the device to a tablet or desktop computer until the process below has been carried out. 


The GCQuad Registration Process: 

  1. Connect the GCQUAD directly to your internet router with an Ethernet cable and switch the unit on
  2. Leave the GCQuad connected for approximately 120 seconds and then turn the unit off
  3. Turn the unit back on again and verify that the notification “Registration Expired” is no longer present
  4. Remove the unit from the router and check that the Quad can connect to FSX or the performance fitting app, while recording the ball and club data
  5. If the data is not present connect the unit to the router and retry the steps above
  6. If the unit does not verify please contact support@foresightsports.eu and we will investigate further



Please Note: The GCQuad will need to be connected to the internet once every 45 days. If the GCQuad is connected to the FSX 2020 software which has a constant network connection, it will not need to be registered in the above manner. 



If you require additional assistance, please email support@optimumcompanies.eu 

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